Scope of Exhibits
Data Center Intrastructure
Data Center Infrastructure Solution
Micro Module Data Center
Edge Data Center Solution
Power Generator , supply & Distribution system
Air Conditioning, Cooling & Fresh Air System
Liquid-cooled Technology
Fire Fighting System
Security System
Generic Cabling
LED Display
Advanced Construction Materials
Computility Infrastructure
Server/Memory Devices
Internet Devices
Optical Communication/Optical Transmissi
Al Chip
Memory Chip
Edge Computing Chip
Edge Computing
Liquid Cooling Data Center
Supercomputing Center/lntelligent Computing Center/Edge Data Center
Cloud Service
Computility Security
Software Application
Intelligent Products & Technologies
Smart Unit
AI Assisted Operation & Maintenance Technology
Building Information Model
Control System
Internet of Things Technology
AI Energy Efficiency Management Technology
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation
Smart Materials
Energy Saving Products & Technologies
Intelligence Operations
DCIMdata Center Automated Operation and
Maintenance Software
Kernel-based Virtual Machine
Monitoring System
Capital Management
Information Technology Operation Management
Visualized Data Center Management System
Inspection Robot
Design/Engineering & System Integration
Engineering Procurement Contactor
Contractor & System Integrator
IDC Planning /Consultation & Design
Stored Energy Products & Technologies
Cloud Computing
IDC Service Provider
ICT Facilities
Cyber Security
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