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Feiyu Group was established in November 2005, headquartered in Longhua, Shenzhen. With nearly 10000 square meters of factory and over 1000 employees, it has three companies under its umbrella. It is a high-tech enterprise and a leading global manufacturer of optical fiber communication devices.
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100G QSFP28 光模块

100G QSFP28 光模块

深圳飞宇100G QSFP28系列光模块产品包括SR4、PSM4、CWDM4、LR4、ER4等系列。该系列产品采用LC或MPO光口,具有功耗低、体积小、速率高等特性,有利于数据中心增加容量、提高端口密度和降低功耗。主要应用于100G数据中心内部网络、数据中心互联、城域网络等环境。

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