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Shenzhen HTD Informaiton-Tech Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer committed to R&D, production, sales and service on high speed cable assembly. The company focuses on high speed interconnect solutions for customers in area of data center, cloud computing, transmission networks etc.   The product line covers direct attach copper cable assembly (DAC) and active optical cable assembly (AOC) : 10G SFP+ / 25G SFP28 / 40G QSFP+ / 100G QSFP28 /  56G SFP-DD / 200G QSFP-DD / 400G QSFP-DD.   HTD gathered a lot of senior talents in the industry, aiming at responding quickly to customer needs, product innovation and quality assurance as fundamental. We will exert ourselves to provide customers high speed interconnect solutions with best reliability/low cost/fast delivery, dedicated to become the best partner in high speed interconnect field.  
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AOC(即Active Optical Fiber有源光纤)有源光缆,是指通信过程中需要光收发器件,将电信号转换成光信号,或将光信号转换成电信号的通信线缆,光缆两端的光收发器提供光电转换以及光传输功能。AOC有源光缆主要由多模光纤、光收发器件、控制芯片和并行光模块组成。

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