Green Data Center Technology Committee
About Green Data Center Technology Committee
The committee consists of 200+ industry members, including government bodies, industry users, research institutes, manufacturing enterprises, design institutes, experts, scholars and data center professionals.
IDC Users (Partial):
Professionals (Partial):
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Secretary - General
Lv Tianwen Secretary - General Green Data Center Technology Committee
  • Executive Director and Deputy Secretary-General of China Electronic Energy Saving Technology Association
  • Committee of China Power Society
  • Consultant of China Data Center Expo (CDCE)
  • Professional of Data Center Energy Conservation Assessment Unit
  • Business Consultant of Various Listed Companies
Mr. Lv is the experts on the development of China's data center industry, focusing on data center market development strategy and data center forecast. He has served various giant Chinese enterprises for 15+ years, specialize in data center area. Meanwhile, Mr. Lv also accelerates the industry growth by providing technology assessment, training & consulting Services for industry users, market research and national conferences. Mr. Lv graduated from School of Management, Beijing Guanghua University and received a master degree.
Committee of Professionals
Zhang Guang Ming
China Academy of Computer Science
Li Ben Qiang
Head of Building Energy and Renewable Energy Research Institute
China Building Standard Design and Research Institute
Yu Qing You
Senior Engineer / Executive
China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute
Ni Mizhi
General Manager
People 's Bank of China Clearing Center
Xiong Lanying
Senior Engineer
China Information and Communication Research Institute
He Baohong
Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Research Institute of the Internet Center
Wang Gang
Shen Weidong
Head of Research Institute
National Center for High Performance Research Data Center Technology
Gao Hong
National Energy Conservation Center
Huang Jianzhong
Secretary General
China Electronic Energy Saving Technology Association
Huang Qunyi
Genera Manager
Beijing Keji Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd
Luo Zhigang
Jiangsu Province Posts and Telecommunications Planning and Design Institute
New Project
General Manager of Chengde Data Center and Secretary-General of the Commission Lu Tianwen exchanged views on the construction of Chengde Cloud Data Center, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement to develop the Chengde's data center. The committee will provide one-stop serives from planning, design, construction, operation to maintenance, as well as preliminary auditing and recommendation of contractors and suppliers and the marketing direction for the data center.
Other Projects
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